CUBONIC and TTTech Auto enter strategic partnership for the development and integration of eLCV Vehicle Control Units


  • Strategic partnership agreed between CUBONIC and TTTech Auto for the development and integration of Vehicle Control Units in CUBONIC’s PeopleMover and CargoMover electric light commercial vehicles.
  • TTTech Auto’s expertise in development and production of safe software and hardware platforms for automated driving will advance CUBONIC’s development of its last-mile transportation solutions.
  • “With TTTech Auto, we have found a strategic partner with a proven track record of accelerating time-to-market for new functionalities for OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers. Their expertise will help us to change the game of last mile transportation” commented Günter Butschek, CEO at CUBONIC.


Pulheim, 15 June 2023 – CUBONIC, a pioneering provider of sustainable, highly customizable automated and autonomous electric light commercial vehicle (eLCV) solutions, and TTTech Auto, a solution provider for the challenges of future vehicle generations specializing in safe software and hardware platforms for automated driving and beyond, have entered into a strategic partnership for the development and integration of a Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) for CUBONIC’s advanced PeopleMover and CargoMover prototypes. As part of this partnership, TTTech Auto will oversee the configuration, development, integration and testing of the VCU in CUBONIC’s prototype vehicle architecture.


TTTech Auto, a company with a global footprint and extensive experience in supporting OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, will enable CUBONIC to advance the development of its unique PeopleMover and CargoMover solutions, thus streamlining the customer journey to highly automated driving based on a platform-centric approach.


CUBONIC develops highly customizable electric LCV solutions offering automated and autonomous driving, seamless connectivity to customers’ ecosystems, pace-of-mind reliability as well as improved productivity and profitability. CUBONIC’s customer-centric approach involves its customers in the conceptualization of its modular architecture from the beginning, allowing for a wide range of use cases for its PeopleMover and CargoMover vehicles.


To support the development of CUBONIC’s PeopleMover and CargoMover eLCV solutions, TTTech Auto will leverage its know-how in the development and production of safe software and hardware platforms for automated driving applicable in series production programs, as well as its leading technology solutions ensuring safety and electronic robustness.


Günter Butschek, CEO at CUBONIC commented: “We are delighted with our new strategic partner, TTTech Auto. This partnership will enable us to further progress the development of our PeopleMover and CargoMover prototypes and will support us in changing the game of last-mile transportation of people and goods with our solutions for years to come.”


“The development of this VCU marks a significant leap forward in our collaboration with Cubonic, propelling us towards innovative last-mile transportation solutions and connected vehicles. By implementing robust gatewaying functionality, we have created a central hub that revolutionizes communication between multiple ECUs, ensuring efficient and secure data flow. We look forward to the transformative impact it will have on the industry!” says Horst Willburger, Director Electronic Controls Design House at TTTech Auto.

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