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Our Ecosystem

We’ve combined our core competency in system integration with the expertise of best fit partners in technology, supply and service.


Our flexible automation platform to futureproof your fleet. By ensuring automation is built-in from the start, we address the industry’s labour shortage and provide a long term solution for last-mile transportation.

Robot Sensors


  • Based on the customer‘s needs, we provide a tailor-made configuration of sensors and cameras.
  • All sensors are perfectly integrated into the overall design language.
Robot Ad Stack

AD Stack

  • Functionality and computing power is fully customised to support defined use cases.
  • Business analytics determine use cases and define a customised solution.
Robot Control


  • Vehicle controls are provided by our unique drive-control interface: Cubonic’s Motion Controller.

Our Conviction

Our future success centres on partnerships up and downstream, seamless integration and collaboration based on a shared mission and vision.